Welsh for Beginners (Internet-Linked) by Angela Wilkes & John Shackell

Welsh for Beginners (Internet-Linked) by Angela Wilkes & John Shackell

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Did you know that Welsh is one of oldest languages in Europe?  This book shows you that learning Welsh is a lot easier than you might think.  It teaches you the Welsh you will find useful in everyday situations.

This revised title is internet-linked, but isn't essential as this book is a fun and informative language book on its own, and is colourfully illustrated by John Shackell.  Throughout this book, there are recommendations for useful websites for learning Welsh and finding out more about Wales. The grammar is clearly explained, and with online help, you can listen to Welsh words and phrases, brush up on your Welsh with lessons and exercises, solve puzzles and play games, listen to Welsh songs and read Welsh stories.

The author, Angela Wilkes is an award-winning writer and editor renowned for lively, engaging books. 

Illustrations by John Shackell, an illustrator for over 40 years,  his work has appeared in more than 250 children’s titles.